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We are keen to comply with Public Health and government guidance on reducing the risks of catching and spreading Covid-19. 

This guidance will also protect many people from picking up flu and similar infections.

Vaccinations & Lateral Flow Tests

For 2022, we are asking only people who have had double Covid vaccinations to apply to be volunteers and to take a Lateral Flow Test on each of the days they come to work with us. In a similar way, guests will also have to show they are negative on a Lateral Flow Test on every day they are with us – tests will be made available for their use.

We will ask all people admitted to the building, to wear a coloured wristband so we can spot when people need to take another test.  This is essential as two or more outbreaks of Covid-19 amongst people in the Shelter will result in an immediate closedown for the rest of the week.  As there is a serious threat to life from getting flu at the same time as Covid-19, we also recommend as many people as possible to get a flu jab for their own safety.  The same precautions against Covid-19 also reduce the spread of flu.

We regret that anyone testing positive for Covid-19 at the gates, will have to be turned away.  We will urge them to go immediately to their nearest PCR testing centre or return home and order a PCR test to be delivered to them at home.  People testing positive should not use taxis or public transport or be taken in someone else’s car for PCR testing.

We will ensure that surfaces that are touched are cleaned more frequently and beds will be spaced further apart than normal.  The wearing of masks inside the building will be left up to individual preference and we do ask mask wearers to remember to change them daily to ensure they are effective.  Ventilation of the rooms will be done where possible and surfaces that can be touched, will be cleaned more frequently with specialist cleaning wipes and PPE that will be provided. On the 2 nights when we are able to have people sleep over (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) the beds will be spaced much further apart than before and freshly laundered duvets will be issued each night.  This means we are only able to provide beds for half as many as before and beds will be allocated to those most in need. 

With these precautions, we feel we can keep people safe and maintain a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and avoid the need for other restrictions.