We are keen to comply with Public Health and government guidance on reducing the risks of catching and spreading Covid-19. 

This guidance will also protect many people from picking up flu and similar infections.

Vaccinations & Lateral Flow Tests

For 2021, we are asking only people who have had double Covid vaccinations to apply to be volunteers and to take a Lateral Flow Test on each of the days they come to work with us.  In a similar way, we will ask guests to take a Lateral Flow Test when they arrive, repeated every 48 hours during the week - tests will be made available for their use.

Those who test positive will be asked to have a negative PCR test before they can be allowed in. Coloured armbands will enable us to identify the need for repeat tests.

We will ensure that surfaces that are touched are cleaned more frequently and beds will be spaced further apart than normal.  The wearing of masks inside the building will be left up to individual preference and we do ask mask wearers to remember to change them daily to ensure they are effective.  Effective ventilation of rooms is not possible during the day as it would undermine the fire precautions but all doors will be opened for 15 mins at 8am and 8pm each day to create a change of air.

With these precautions, we feel we can keep people safe and maintain a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and avoid the need for other restrictions.

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