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Registration for volunteering

Application and registration for volunteers is open 1st November

Registration returning volunteers 

 If you have volunteered with us before or have completed an application form previously

 To login into your account and book/register for your induction using a web browser, click this link and follow the instructions here 

 For those of you who prefer to use a mobile app rather than a web browser, you can now use the My Impact app to register. To login into your account and book/register for your induction using the mobile app, download the My Impact app from your app store and then follow the instructions here 

Registrations for new volunteers

 If you have not volunteered with us before

To complete a new volunteer online application and register to volunteer this year, click this link 

 To meet our insurance requirements, to be able to volunteer, you must complete one of our inductions. This year we are offering the choice of either attending an in-person induction at our new venue St Catherine’s or alternatively you can view a Self-Service Induction presentation from your home at your leisure. You will be able to select which type of induction to attend/watch when you apply or register.

Flu and Covid-19 protection

We will not require you to have been vaccinated against Covid-19, but we do highly recommend that our volunteers are vaccinated against both Flu and Covid-19 for their own protection. We remind you that you will volunteer at your own risk.

If are unable to login or have any further queries, please either email  or call 0121 680 3867 to speak to our technical team. 

We look forward to seeing you at Shelter Week 2023!