Offering Food, Warmth, Shelter & Companionship


Offering Food, Warmth, Shelter & Companionship

Shelter Week 2022

We are really pleased to announce that we will be running Shelter Week this year.

We'll announce details for this years Shelter very soon.

What is shelter week?

At Birmingham Christmas Shelter we open our doors 24 hours a day during Christmas week and welcome up to 150 guests daily, providing hot meals and drinks, entertainment, services, emergency clothing and a safe and warm place to sleep. We aim to provide food, warmth, shelter and friendship to our guests, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion, belief, sex, or sexual orientation.

How you can help

We depend entirely on donations and volunteers. Throughout the Christmas period, volunteers are organised into teams under the guidance and support of an Area Team Leader who will ensure things run smoothly and allocate jobs to do. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Because we are a self-funded charity, the other 51 weeks of the year volunteers participate by helping us with fundraising, running and coming to events and helping plan and organise for the next year!

Do you need help?

We provide people who are currently experiencing homelessness and adults who would otherwise be alone at Christmas, with a free warm, safe place to eat, shower, sleep and enjoy Christmas. If you would like to come and share Christmas with us, you do not need a referral and can just turn up any time of the day or night while we are open and you may also bring your dogs if you wish.  You will receive a warm welcome but must agree to keep to our rules of behaviour that ensure it is a happy, safe place for all.

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