Shelter Week

Shelter Week 2021

We are really pleased to announce that we will be running Shelter Week this year.

To comply with government recommendations for controlling the Covid-19 pandemic and to reduce the possible spread of flu, we will be making some changes to the way we run things but we are keen to keep a welcoming atmosphere at Shelter and not let the precautions get in the way of having a good time.

You should note that this year is unusual in that Christmas Day and Boxing Day fall on a Saturday and Sunday respectively.  This is followed by 2 bank holidays falling on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th December giving a longer holiday period than normal.  Given that most other services that our guests depend on during the year, will be closed during the holiday period for a well-earned rest, we will remain open a bit longer this year. 

Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, we have to cut back on our overnight bed spaces but will ensure they are available for the nights when public transport is not available.


  • Friday December 24th
    We will open at 10am for the usual services but overnight sleeping will be restricted to about 40 men and 15 women.  Some bed spaces will be reserved for overnight emergencies.

  • Saturday 25th December
    We will open for 24 hours with overnight sleeping as above.

  • Sunday 26th December
    We will open until 8pm with no overnight sleeping.

  • Monday 27th December
    We will open from 9am for breakfast and other services  till 8pm with no overnight sleeping

  • Tuesday 28th December
    We will open from 9am for breakfast and other  services till 8pm with no overnight sleeping.

* We will not open to guests on Wednesday 29th December.

what is shelter week?

We are usually a Shelter that is open for 24 hours a day on 4 days and nights during Christmas week.

We provide 3 hot meals, snacks and drinks throughout the day, showers, entertainment, companionship and services such as footcare, hairdressing, massage and housing advice.

We welcome anyone over 16 regardless of gender including gender reassignment, race, religion, sexual orientation, language or any history of substance misuse, mental, physical or learning disability or involvement with the criminal justice system.  All we ask is that you show respect to fellow guests and volunteers and comply with our rules of behaviour that are designed to keep everyone safe.

where we are located

St George's Hub, Great Hampton Row, Newtown, Birmingham, B19 3JG

Please note that St George’s is in Great Hampton Row which leads off Great Hampton Street. The entrance is through the car park on Unett Street.

Nearby Bus Routes : 52, 16, 74, 16, 16W, 7.

Saint Paul's Metro Tram Station

Who do we help?

Typically we welcome between 50 and 150 guests on a daily basis with about half of them sleeping overnight and we have about 50 volunteers on each shift.  This will include a good mix of regular and new faces amongst both the guests and volunteers.

Guests may be homeless, hungry, wet, cold, lost, in poverty or just seeking somewhere to go at Christmas that is welcoming.  We also welcome four-legged visitors as long as they are on leads and accompanied by a two-legged guest.

what we offer


Three hot meals a day, including a vegetarian option at each meal, and very busy sandwich and tea bar facilities.

Providing the heating is working!

We actively encourage our volunteers to sit and chat with our guests – not only is this a particularly rewarding part of the role, it makes such a difference to many of our guests who experience extreme loneliness.

This year we will open for an extra day on 28th December but as a result of the Covid restrictions, we can only provide overnight sleeping on the nights when public transport is not available, namely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  On the other 3 days we will only be able to provide our services on a daytime basis, closing each evening at 8pm.

For the same reason, we have to space our beds further apart so we will be restricted to about 40 men and 15 women sleeping over.  Some bed spaces will be retained for overnight emergencies on those nights.

We have an excellent stage in the main hall for entertainment. If you are a DJ, singer, perform in a band or have other entertaining skills, then we would love to hear from you.

Our guests are always very grateful for the special services provided by our volunteer service providers as it is sometimes the only time each year that they have access to these services.

In the past, we have been able to offer our guests:

Holistic therapies
Beauty treatments
Help finding accommodation

We are always looking to increase this list and would be delighted to hear from any potential new service providers. 


For the safety and comfort of our guests and volunteers, we employ a professional security team to manage any trouble.

 They search all people coming into the building for weapons and mind-altering substances - guests, volunteers and people dropping off donations.  If necessary, the trustees will provide secure storage for prescribed medication.

Our security team has advanced first aid training so together with the trustees and paramedics can provide help with most medical emergencies.

They are a fantastic team who have worked with us for years and know many of our guests.  They enjoy the Shelter as much as we do and really are part of the family.

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