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Our history

Birmingham Christmas Shelter has been operating for over 40 years and became a registered charity in 1991.

In August 2007, a special resolution was passed to change the charity’s name from Birmingham Open Christmas to Birmingham Christmas Shelter.

Christmas 2006 was our very first year at St George’s Hub; the centre has a purpose built kitchen, dining room, showers and a large hall with a stage. It is a fantastic environment for our guests and volunteers.

Prior to this, from approximately 1992 until 2005 we were located at St Martin’s Youth Community Centre in Gooch Street.

Our Trustees

Birmingham Christmas Shelter has a board of volunteer trustees, whose role is to manage the charity throughout the year.

Trustees attend frequent meetings throughout the year to plan the operational aspects of the charity. Executive trustees are on duty during the entire Shelter Week to ensure the week is running smoothly. These are our executive trustees:









Birmingham Christmas Shelter is registered charity number 1002891. It is based on a Charitable Declaration of Trust which was updated in 2009; the trust deed can be read here.

The law requires registered charities whose annual income or expenditure exceeds £10,000 to file their annual accounts and trustees’ annual report with the Charity Commission. The law also requires charities whose annual income exceeds £10,000 to complete and return an Annual Return to the Charity Commission. All documents must be submitted no later than 10 months from the date of their last financial year end.

Once filed, a summary of these documents is published by The Charity Commission and this can be seen here.

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Birmingham Christmas Shelter, PO Box 17677, Birmingham, B13 3PS

Registered Charity 1002891

Tel: 07846 299 336
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