How to volunteer

Shelter Week 2018 will open up registration on the 1st November. Details will be posted on the front page of the website/emailed out and shared on our social media platforms.

How to register.mp4

How to register

This is a video guide on how to fill in the online form for registration.

Signing up to shifts.mp4

How to select your shifts

This is a video guide on how to select your shifts.

Volunteer Handbook 2018.pdf

Volunteer Handbook

This is the volunteer handbook for 2018.

Areas to volunteer in

During shelter week the premises are split into seven areas, each performing individual functions to keep the shelter running. These are:


The "general" area needs volunteers who do not mind where they are placed. Due to the quick pace of the shelter week, we need general volunteers to be flexible and willing to support areas that require help. Jobs vary from welcoming guests to our shelter, serving food, sorting bedding and generally making sure things go to plan.


Our kitchen area is managed by Jim who is a member of the trustee board for the charity. Chefs from the University College of Birmingham are the chefs who ensure that the three full meals a day are served. Due to limited space, only a small number of volunteers are able to assist in the kitchen area. As a volunteer in the kitchen, tasks include cleaning, preparing food and washing up.

Reception Area

In reception, volunteers are expected to greet guests, other volunteers and even the security team; ensuring everyone receives (and wears) a name badge. On the reception desk volunteers need to ensure all volunteers have signed in and out.

Cinema Room

The Cinema room is where guests will be able to relax and watch the latest films that have been released on iTunes. As a volunteer you will be in charge of polling guests what films they would like to watch and then to setup and play the film. You will be also in charge of interval break and ensuring that the room is kept tidy

Main Hall

The main hall is the heart of the shelter, both the entertainments and tea-hatch are situated in the main hall. Being a volunteer in the main hall could involve socialising with the guests, sweeping up, clearing away plates or feeding the dogs. Pretty much anything goes!

Tea Hatch/Snacks

The tea hatch/snack area is the busiest area of the main hall. Both guests and volunteers enjoy a lovely cuppa throughout the day and working in this area is never quiet as you will be speaking directly to guests and volunteers.